Hua Cheng Education Centre was spearheaded by a team of experienced NIE trained teachers in June 2000. Over the years, with the support from our advisor Dr Zhang Yen Ming, former Assoc Professor from NIE-NTU, we have developed a systematic and challenging curriculum in the learning of Chinese language. It aims at cultivating interest in learning Chinese and at the same time, provides assistance to individual's needs. Through the different teaching methods, the students are aware of the practical usage of the language.


Our mission statement is to deliver fun and challenging Chinese enrichment programme to our students at any levels through a team of dedicated and passionate teachers.


Hua Cheng Education Centre has managed to obtain 100% passes in Chinese PSLE results, whereby 90% and above of the students have achieved A/A* results every year.



Our goals for Hua Cheng are as follows:

  - To help students to acquire the skills to handle Chinese through innovative teaching methods.
  - To inculcate the love for the Chinese language through the use of interesting and lively teaching processes.
  - To maintain the high standard in the teaching of Chinese language by attracting competence and talented teachers.
  - To train schools' teachers in the teaching of Chinese studies through seminars and workshops that are delivered by reputable educationist and professionals.



Our Staff

Curriculum Development Team - We have a strong team of curriculum development team comprising NIE-trained teachers. These teachers also teach the curriculum to ensure maximum effectiveness of the teaching materials. The curriculum development team is lead by a board of experienced educationists like Dr Zhang Yen Ming, senior teachers and HODs from MOE.

Teachers – Our teaching staff is comprised of competent NIE-trained teachers and experienced China teachers from various reputable universities in China. Their track records in the MOE schools or other centres allow them to fully prepare our students to exceed the stringent requirements of the national examination standards. Our teachers are professionally trained and passionately committed to inspire our students with dynamic and creative approaches to learning the Chinese language.